CAROLANN HAGGARD, distinguished stone sculptor, began sculpting as a teen, making art and traveling extensively in Europe and Mexico with her family, and later in Egypt and China.  It was during these travels that she became fascinated with archeology and how stone was used in antiquity and architecture.  Carolann was determined that one day she would return to her favorite place, Tuscany, Italy, to create her stone artwork.


Her dream came true when her successful sculpture career in Chicago allowed her to live in Tuscany and work  in the famous stone studios near Italy's marble mountains.  During one of her trips back to Chicago, Carolann founded the famous SCULPTURE CHICAGO Program and served as Executive Director when she was in the USA.


While in Europe, Carolann was drawn to the antique markets of ancient cities, such as Lucca, Carrara, Florence, and Lyon, where she collected unusual objects to incorporate in her one-of-a-kind "assemblage" or found object sculptures.  After her daughter was born in Tuscany, Carolann returned to the USA to help coordinate the Save Outdoor Sculpture Project for the State of Tennessee for the Smithsonian Institute before returning to her Dallas studios.


Over twenty-five years of carving and traveling have passed, and Carolann now has two stone studios in Dallas, one near the antique shops of the Dallas Designer District, and one in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.  You are welcome to contact her with stone questions, a commission idea and order, or to sign up for a stone-carving class at her studio.


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Carolann Haggard in her Tuscan Studio with the Angel that was commissioned in 2014 for a private cemetary on a Texas ranch..

Detail of High Relief for a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Shreveport, LA, by Carolann Haggard. Installed in 2014.


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